When I was younger I saw my mother using an epilator. The image of my mother using a noisy device, running it over her legs with attention, got stuck into my mind. It often recurred to me.

Back then, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of hair removal. I just understood that it was a device that removed hairs. But most importantly, it was something really painful.

Thus, my first impression of an epilator was that it causes quite a lot of pain. That’s why, when I grew older, I decided to choose a pain-free method. Shaving was the obvious solution if I wanted to avoid being tormented periodically.

However, everything was not pink. In time, it became incredibly annoying because I had soft skin for only 1-2 days. Then, I had to repeat the whole process.

At one point, being quite fed up with shaving, I went to a beauty salon to get waxed. It was a lot better, a considerable improvement. Nevertheless, in the end waxing didn’t work either because I was spending too much money. It didn’t take me long until I decided to give up waxing.

Just when I thought that I will be trapped between shaving and waxing all my life, a friend reminded me about epilators. She reminded me about that unusual device from my childhood.

Pretty much, that’s how I ended up buying my first epilator.

Without actually knowing anything about epilators. I just knew the brand Braun and I went with it, within my very limited budget. I was lucky because I made the right choice without thinking too much about it.

Later on, this blog appeared. Simply because I was to be that friend to women (and men) around the globe.

I decided to write somewhere about my experiences as an epilator girl and what better place is there than a blog?

So, here I am. I hope you’ll like it 🙂

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