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Waxing for Men: Should you or Shouldn’t you?

I started thinking seriously about this subject a few days ago. What happened you might ask? Well, my brother went to a salon to get his chest and abdomen waxed. All of it. He asked me what I thought before making the appointment and, frankly, I was against

How to Remove Nasal Hair: Find the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Nasal hair is not pleasant at all when it’s in excess. When the hair protrudes from the nose, you definitely know it’s time for you to get serious about your appearance. Ear hair removal and nasal removal are incredibly similar. That’s why for both areas I recommend

Ear Hair Removal for Men: The Easiest Method

I’m a girl but that doesn’t stop me from understanding some simple things, like how important ear hair removal for men is. Just as important as nasal hair removal. Why are men so concerned about nasal and ear hair? Because it’s out there, out in the open

Face-Soothing Best After Shave Balm

Using the best after shave balm is crucial for post-shaving care. After making your face silky smooth, immediately you need an aftershave balm for keeping the skin free of razor burns and irritations. Why Applying an After Shave Lotion Is so Important I’m insisting on getting the best

Is Emjoi AP-18MS the Best Epilator for Men?

Epilators are more of a woman’s thing but in the recent years men have become considerably more interested in the methods that can get their skin rid of any unwanted hairs. Obviously, the most popular choice is shaving. It’s easily understandable why. If you’re already shaving your