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Steaming Your Face for Acne

We need to get one thing clear from the start: steaming your face for acne won’t cure your acne. I don’t want anyone out there to believe that just through steaming alone they will get rid of current breakouts. Or that any such breakouts will no longer

6 Amazing Benefits of Steaming Face

There are many impressive benefits of steaming your face. I’m going to talk all about them and much more. Obviously, the discussion will include facial steamers, as well, but that’s not the only way that you can enjoy the many benefits of steaming your face. There’s also

How to Steam Your Face: Is a Facial Steamer the Best Answer?

If you’re searching for a few methods on how to steam your face, you’ve come to the right place. And I don’t say that just because I’m writing this post. But because I have tried these DIY methods that I’m going to talk about. 3 Ways to

Best Facial Steamer of 2018: Top 5 Picks

Facial steamers are usually associated with estheticians preparing us for a facial but you can do that all by yourself at home. All you need is the best facial steamer for you and that’s where my in-depth reviews come in. That means that you save money, money that

Chin Hair Removal: How to Get Rid of Chin Hair

If I look closely in the mirror I can already spot some hairs that are going to become troublesome in the future but I already know all about how to get rid of chin hair so I’m not worrying too much. At least, I know which method I’m going to

Do Epilators Hurt?

Frankly, the question do epilators hurt is more like a joke to me. There’s no ill intention when I say that. It’s obvious why. They hurt. Yes, epilators cause a lot of pain. Even so, we still end up using them once every 2 weeks on average.

My First Impressions with Braun Silk Epil 9561

I’ve just recently become the proud owner of a Braun Silk Epil 9 model, specifically the Braun 9561. As it also says on the box it’s an epilator for legs, body, and face. It’s exactly what I wanted because I also want to see if I can

How to Exfoliate Your Legs

Why would you need to know how to exfoliate your legs? Simply because it’s one of the most important aspects of one’s skin routine. It’s not only the solution to preventing or getting rid of ingrown hairs but it’s also the best way to ensure that you have