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The Definitive Guide to the Most Popular Hair Removal Methods

I know from personal experience that sometimes it’s not easy finding the right hair removal method. Every person is different. While most of my girlfriends were going to beauty salons to get waxed, I was buying razors and using my father’s shaving cream. I was terrified of

Waxing for Men: Should you or Shouldn’t you?

I started thinking seriously about this subject a few days ago. What happened you might ask? Well, my brother went to a salon to get his chest and abdomen waxed. All of it. He asked me what I thought before making the appointment and, frankly, I was against

Waxing vs Threading: Which One Would You Choose?

When making the comparison waxing vs threading, we’re mainly speaking of two of the most popular facial hair removal methods. Facial hair has always been a burdensome and unfortunately nothing has changed. That’s why women across the globe constantly search for methods to prolong the absence of

Waxing Your Underarms: Here’s How

Have you ever thought about waxing your underarms? Well, let me show you just how easy it is to wax your armpits in the comfort of your home without spending too much money on it . I prefer epilation, it’s much simpler from my point of view

How To Do Your Own Brazilian Waxing At Home

Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular and most talked about hair removal methods. Every woman has an idea what it is, whether she’s had one or not. Whether you remove all or just part of the pubic hair. Brazilian Waxing: How Much Hair is Removed

Facial waxing: Some of the best facial wax strips

Do you want to know why I started searching for some of the best facial wax strips? Here is the kicker: It happened as soon as a I realized that using a tweezer to remove my upper lip once every two weeks was basically horrible. I was only

At Home Waxing Kits for Safe and Easy Waxing Experiences

Why should you go for at home waxing kits? Because it’s so much cheaper than going to a beauty salon. And you can obtain a skin just as smooth in the comfort of your home. It’s obvious why so many women would choose waxing for removing unwanted