Epilators – The Pros, Cons, and Costs

Truth be told…

I’m not exactly sure how many of you have heard about epilators.

It was curious to discover that there are women who haven’t heard about epilators up until now, when they read something about them on the internet or hear something being mentioned by a friend.

epilator for hair removal


What exactly is an epilator? Let’s start with the basic stuff.

An epilator is a device that removes hairs from the root through the spinning of tiny metallic/ceramic tweezers.

So it’s similar to waxing, meaning that the hair is removed from the root.

epilator's tweezers and rotating head

From that parallel between waxing and epilation there is one conclusion to be drawn: the results are smooth soft skin that stays that way for at least two weeks.

That sounds really good and it’s why I decided to use such a device and since then it became my one and only hair removal method.

The only exception is made by me eyebrows, I tweeze them myself, and my upper lip – I use cold facial wax strips for that tiny line of hair simply because I got used to them.

When I started using an epilator I was already home waxing my upper lip – it’s really affordable and that’s why I stick to it.

Want to know something? Epilators Are Awesome!

The fact that the results are pretty long lasting, as compared to shaving, is the biggest advantage, from my point of view.

Here’s the deal:

If you find that beauty salon waxing is too expensive for your budget and if you can’t manage to wax at home (unfortunately I couldn’t) but you want something that lasts as much as waxing then you can try an epilator.

Take one for a ride and see if it’s something you see yourself doing in the future.


Here’s the best part:

Epilators are affordable!

Their price can be as low as $30 so that’s amazingly cheap, an example for such an affordable epilator being the Philips Satinelle HP6401.

The top models cost around $100, like it’s the case with the Braun Silk Epil 7681.

You pay for it only once and then use it for at least 2, 3 years.

Another thing about epilators is that this hair removal method makes hairs grow thinner but that only happens in time, after many many epilation sessions. I know that not everyone is going to agree with me on this.

The counterargument would be that it’s only an illusion because if I were to let my hairs grow for a few months, I would notice that the hairs are still as thick as before and as many as before using an epilator.

It might be so and from a rational point of view it sounds quite true, like it is the case with the fact that shaving doesn’t make hair grow thicker/darker.

That’s a myth, it’s just our impression that shaving makes the hairs grow thicker and darker. I believed this myth to be true for a very long time, until I started reading on the subject.

But why would I let my hairs grow for months and months in a row without taking hold of my epilator and putting it to work?

Here’s the best part:

It might be true that after a long period of time the hairs are just as thick and as many but what matters to me is that even if I don’t epilate for a whole month, the number of hairs on my body is considerably reduced. And the hair is thinner. So I consider it to be an advantage.

Am I done with the advantages?


Before wrapping it up, there’s one last thing to add on the pros side: for waxing the hairs must have a certain length (one fourth of an inch or more than half a centimeter) otherwise the wax won’t be able to pull the hairs from the root.

That’s not the case with epilators – you can have an epilation session whenever you feel like it, whenever you think that your skin is no longer as smooth as you’d want it to be.

The Downsides

Epilation isn’t a perfect method.

Epilators come with downsides, like most things in life.

The biggest disadvantage is ingrown hairs. They mostly appear on the legs. Ingrown hairs are not solely a consequence for these tiny devices, waxing and shaving can lead to their appearance, too.

Preventing ingrown hairs is basically reduced to one word: exfoliation. This is the most important thing that can be done in order to keep your skin free of ingrown hairs.

I’ve written a fully documented article on preventing ingrown hairs here, feel free to read it in order to be prepared, whether you wax/shave/epilate.


Another big disadvantage is the thing that many women fear: pain. Pain is the thing that makes plenty of women give up on using epilators or waxing.

Shaving is the ideal solution because there’s no pain involved, which is wonderful.

It gets better:

In time, you get used to the pain and after a few epilation sessions you will only feel something like tiny pinches. After many years, you should be able to endure a session without a single flinch.

My recommendation would be only this one:

If you want to switch from razors to epilators then you might consider a waxing session or maybe two in order to get used to the pain. That’s a great advice for women who don’t have a high pain threshold!

It’s also a good advice for tackling the last disadvantage: the first epilation sessions take a while until all the hairs are removed.

The sessions become much shorter after some time. And if you don’t get lazy and let the hair grow for more than two weeks then you can epilate your legs in 40 minutes or so.

So the good news is that none of these downsides are permanent, for each of them there is a solution and patience is a great remedy.

I also have to mention one last con but it only addresses women who want to use their epilator to remove facial hair. Some women suffer from breakouts or redness after epilation but there are plenty solutions for this pretty big inconvenience. You can read all about it here.

The bottom line

These are the pros, the cons, the costs and everything there is to be known about epilators. Have you ever used one or are you planning on using an epilator in the future?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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