How to Clean Your Epilator in Just a Couple of Minutes

I’ve talked about many things related to epilators, from the best epilator to epilator reviews to epilators for facial hair removal and the list can go on.

However, it dawned on me that I haven’t actually mentioned how I clean my epilator.

It’s nothing complicated but it’s a thing that must be done frequently. You don’t want any bacteria making contact with your skin.

tips to clean epilator

Step 1: Use the Cleaning Brush

Most epilators come with a cleaning brush and you can use that to blast all the hairs out. If you don’t have one, get a toothbrush.

Also, manually rotate the head for a better cleaning in all the places and also in between the tweezers. When you rotate it, the tweezers open and the brush can clean them.

But you’re not done. You also have to detach the epilator head from the body. You can do that by pressing the buttons that are on the side. If you’ll turn the head upside down, you’re going to see that many hairs get stuck in one single place and I’m talking about that tiny wheel.

epilator cleaning brush

The cleaning brush won’t have much effect. I’ve also tried getting the hairs out with a tweezer. Nevertheless, I can never get them all out but it’s not that big of a deal.

Step 2: Wash the Head

washing epilator head

The next obvious step is to give the epilator’s head a bath. Hold it under running hot water and just rotate it. Nothing more. A minute or two it’s more than enough.

After that I like to shake it, maybe I get lucky and a few more hairs come out.

Step 3: Eliminate the Bacteria

clean epilator's tweezers

Use an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to clean the epilator’s tweezers

In order to eliminate the bacteria, you can place the head in water, adding a drop of antibacterial dish-washing soap. After that rinse it with cold water.

An alternative is to get an alcohol-soaked cotton ball and run it on the whole surface and on the tweezers. Remember to manually rotate the tweezers.

Step 4: Dry It

dry epilator tweezers and cap

I simply let the head on a clean towel for a day or two, until all the water has evaporated.

That’s all you have to do. You’ll have a clean epilator, free of bacteria. It will look brand new.

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