Waxing Your Underarms: Here’s How

how to wax armpits

Have you ever thought about waxing your underarms?


Let me show you just how easy it is to wax your armpits in the comfort of your home.

All without spending too much money on it.

 If you already know all about how to wax your underarms and you’re here just for finding a good waxing kit check out my waxing kits comparison page

Before that,

I must be honest.

I prefer epilation.

It’s just a personal choice. Everyone has their own preferences.

It’s much simpler from my point of view but waxing your armpits has it’s advantages as well.

Since I have gone through almost everything that can be done to have smooth skin (excepting the most expensive ones, laser and electrolysis), I hope I can give you some pretty useful guidelines for waxing your armpits.

What are the Main Drawbacks?


There aren’t many but it’s best to know about them in advance.

1. Pain

The underarms are a sensible area so the pain is intense until you get used to it.

The hairs are removed from the root so pain is a major drawback that makes many prefer shaving instead even if it’s so short lasting.

I was one of those women in my adolescence.

At one point,

I went to a salon for waxing my underarms and legs and bikini area.

It’s needless to say that it was incredibly painful.


The results were amazing.

But I found it a bit expensive for my budget and I was too young and lazy to get a good at-home kit.


I went back to shaving.

Back to those tiny black dots showing underneath the skin (the roots of the hairs).

Back to hair starting to show after merely a day.


I was always stressed out about my armpits because I have black coarse hair and because they were exposed most of the year, I wear T-shirts basically in every season.

Pain might stop you from waxing your underarms but it shouldn’t because of the rewards:

  • having smooth skin for 2-3 weeks
  • not seeing the roots at all
  • and even having thinner hair if you don’t let it grow for months

The best way to avoid inflicting a greater deal of pain is to remove the hairs when they are shorter and thinner.

2. Making a Mess

I don’t consider this a major drawback at all but there are some of you that might.

The residues can be easily removed with oil, whatever oil you have in the house.

Baby oil is the best.

Waxing only becomes messy when the strips are not pulled properly and instead of getting hairs on the strip you get almost all of the wax on your skin and almost no hairs removed.

Ingrown hairs are seldom seen in the armpits area so I don’t consider it a reason that might stop you from removing the hair from the roots in this area.

What You Need to Know for Having Perfectly Waxed Armpits

If you have shaved and you want to switch to waxing tiny dots of blood might appear.

That was what happened to me when I first epilated my underarms.

I have coarse hairs unfortunately.

It’s nothing alarming.

There won’t be any scars at all.

Apply an aloe vera gel or a moisturizer and in a day or two you’ll be able to admire your smooth skin, forgetting all about it.

After that,

The skin should get used to it and no more blood will appear.

How to Apply and Pull the Wax

In the beginning of waxing the underarms hair, it’s best to take it slow.

Let’s take it step by step.

1. Apply some baby powder to absorb the moisture.

This is an area where you definitely need baby powder because the pain it’s going to make you sweat.

It’s the same when you do your own Brazilian.

2. Lift up your arm high above your head, the skin must be really stretched.

3. Apply a small strip of wax in the direction of hair growth and pull in the opposite direction.

It’s best to take it slow so small strips are the way for waxing your armpits.

4. Pull quickly the strip without any hesitations.

I cannot stress enough how important that move is.

If the wax is not pulled quickly most of it will stick to the skin.

It will be painful and the hairs will still be comfortably in their follicle.

That’s when waxing is messy indeed.

It might be best to have someone pull the strips for you in your first attempt.

Or go to a salon for your first experience and continue from there at home when the hair grows back again.

5. Not 100% of the hairs are going to removed from the root from the first pull.

Even if you see a hair or two astray, leave them alone.

Get a tweezer if it bothers you but don’t apply more than two strips on the same area because it’s going to sting afterwards.

Usually you should apply just one strip.

After your skin gets used to it, you can even apply a second strip on the same area. It won’t get irritated anymore.

6. When you’re done apply a moisturizer or an aloe vera gel if you think that your armpits got a little irritated and they’re sore.

That sight of no black roots showing, no hairs left, that image of clean underarms is the best reward for the effort.

What Type of Wax You Should Use

A very good waxing kit can do half the job for you.

My recommendation is to get hard wax.

It’s the best because it pulls almost all the hairs from the first application without pulling off any of the skin and that’s why it also hurts much less.

It’s also the only type of wax that can get coarse hairs out from their root.

You can either get microwavable or hard wax that needs a warmer to get it nice and melted.

I don’t recommend roll on or waxing strips for the underarms because their wax is not as strong.

That’s about everything you need to know.

If I’ve left anything unsaid about waxing the underarms hairs, leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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