Waxing vs Threading: Which One Would You Choose?

When making the comparison waxing vs threading, we’re mainly speaking of two of the most popular facial hair removal methods.

Facial hair has always been a burdensome and unfortunately nothing has changed. That’s why women across the globe constantly search for methods to prolong the absence of hairs from their beautiful faces.

It seems that it’s an ancient concern, the modern woman doesn’t have a monopoly on it. Threading was firstly used in ancient times in Central Asia and India.

threading vs waxing

What Both Methods Have in Common

Waxing as well as threading remove hairs from the root, while shaving cuts the hairs at the surface of the skin.

Thus, both these methods that go head to head in this waxing vs threading battle offer pretty nice results: hair-free skin for about two weeks for waxing and for about three to four weeks for threading.

Both facial hair removal methods can be used to remove hairs from the entire face: eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, neck, and sideburns.

Threading is mostly correlated with the shaping of the eyebrows but it can be used on the rest of the face, too.

The Main Difference

You might think that the main difference is that one uses wax while the other uses a simple thread but that’s not it. At least not from my point of view.

The main waxing vs threading difference is that one seems much more comfortable to be performed at home. I’m definitely not talking about the one that involves just a double and twisted thread.

I use facial wax strips for my upper lip but I wouldn’t imagine threading my eyebrows all on my own at home.

But here’s the kicker:

In fact, threading is much more preferable than waxing because it’s not damaging the skin.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to women with sensitive skin.

Threading vs Tweezing

If you find someone that knows what they’re doing, you can get some stunningly shaped eyebrows. But that’s where this method stops being useful.

I’ve never had my eyebrows threaded.

Even when I went to a beauty salon I ended up having my eyebrows shaped with tweezers.

It gets better:

If we were to compare threading vs tweezing, the big difference would the that threading is a lot faster because it can catch a bunch of hairs and remove them from the root while tweezers pull hairs individually.

That simple thread, double and twisted, offers more defined and precise shape for the eyebrows.

Has any of you tried threading? Leave a comment and tell me all about it as it’s a subject that I don’t know that much about and therefore it arouses my curiosity.

Waxing vs Threading: What Alternatives are There?


Epilation is the first alternative that comes to my mind. It’s easy, not messy and the pain is pretty much the same.

It’s cheap considering that all you need to remove facial hair and keep it away for about 2 weeks is an epilator and you get to use it for at least two years.

Epilators are good for coarse hairs removal as well as peach fuzz but don’t use them for shaping eyebrows.


There’s the Bellabe facial hair remover. It’s a simple spring shaped like a U that removes the hairs as you twist inwards and outwards.

It’s great for peach fuzz (thin fine hairs) but not for the coarse ones and definitely not for shaping eyebrows.

I would say that the Bellabe is the cheapest most effective peach fuzz remover.

What’s the bottom line?

Threading can offer women amazing eyebrows and it can remove hairs from the rest of the face too but I don’t know how many of you have succeeded in doing that all by yourself at home.

Waxing can be used to shape eyebrows, I had that done to me and it was incredibly quick and not painful, and it can also be used for the rest of the face and the entire body.

The difference is that I think that of the two, waxing vs threading, waxing wins because it’s much more approachable, easy, and it can be done at home by simply getting a good waxing kit that can be used on the body and face.

One more thing:

Leaving the hair removal world, it seems that now threading is also used as a facelift.

When did that happen you may wonder? I was completely surprised when I read it here.

To sum that up, the specialists insert a natural thread into the skin and it takes up to a month until the substances dissolve into the skin, leading to a natural non-invasive facelift.

It sounds a little scary and it’s a lot different than the threading that I was comparing today to waxing but it’s supposed to be amazing, the latest fashion, and outrageously expensive.

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