How to Exfoliate Your Back: 3 of the Best Back Scrubbers

If you’ve decided to remove your back hair or you just simply want fabulous skin without imperfections then it’s time to get a back scrubber.

Exfoliation is a must do.

Whether we are talking about our legs, face, or our backs, we need to include exfoliation products in our daily routine.

Best Back Scrubbers for 2020

There’s only two things to be aware of when choosing the best back scrubbers:

  • loofahs and natural sea sponges are ideal if you want a light exfoliation so they’re really good for daily usage,
  • bristles/scrubbers with a rough surface are ideal for a deeper exfoliation, for a more thorough one.


I doubt that you’ll be able to use such a product daily because it can irritate your skin and make more problems than solving the ones you had.

As a solution, you can alternate between the two.

Better yet

As you’re going to see, there are products that have two sides – one more abrasive and one more gentle – so there’s no need to get two different units.

1. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

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The Aquis Exfoliating scrubber is really popular and one of the best back scrubbers.

There are certain reasons for that:

  • it has an excellent price, it’s really affordable,
  • it has a great length, even for persons with broader shoulders and long arms,
  • it has handles on both ends so it can be easily handled to reach every portion of any hard-to-reach area,
  • there is this thing called two-sided technology, meaning that on one side there is a textured loofah-like surface for a deeper cleaning, while the other side features a soft smooth microfiber surface for a more delicate exfoliation, so, you can switch between the two sides,
  • and it’s machine washable.

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2. Stimulite Body Scrubber

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My second recommendation is one of the most expensive scrubbers and, obviously, deserves to be called one of the best back scrubbers. But it’s also sturdy, there are reviews from customers who have had it for 10 years and it still works great. It’s totally worth it.

It’s also the perfect way to get a back facial daily. If you have bacne, this is part of the solution.

The Stimulite is effective and gentle at the same time. It has two sides, a more abrasive one for a deeper exfoliation and a more gentle one if you have sensitive skin.
It can be used wet or dry.

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3. Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

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Obviously, I couldn’t end this post without recommending the old-fashioned, traditional bath brush. It might be old-fashioned but it still works great for exfoliation as well as for simply washing your hard-to-reach places.

This particular bath brush from Swissco Deluxe is of good quality.

The bristles are a little hard so, if you have sensitive skin, you should try it and see if you can use it daily. If you have bacne and you irritate your skin, things will only get worse.

Exfoliating with bristles, like the Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush, is more heavy duty and I don’t think you will be able to use it daily. But it’s also more efficient because it exfoliates the skin to a deeper degree, which makes it one of the best back scrubbers in my opinion.

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How to Exfoliate Your Back With a Back Scrubber

Well, when it comes to the face you should use a cleansing brush twice a week.

But the back skin is not as sensitive so you can wash your back with the help of a scrubber daily.

When stepping into the shower, you can first use it on dry skin and then use it during the shower on wet skin.

You can also use it together with a body scrub. Or if you have acne on the back, use it together with an acne treatment for the body.

Those can be body washes that contain benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

Why Would You Need a Back Scrubber

best back scrubbersGet this:

Exfoliation is basically the whole secret to an amazing skin.

That’s why I’m going to make some suggestions so that you can choose the best back scrubber for your needs.

I mean:

Your back should look fabulous, too. Plus, it’s so much easier to wash it this way.

Best of all:

If you have back acne or bacne, exfoliation could be the answer to your problem.

It’s not pleasant at all.

Your skin becomes itchy and sometimes those breakouts can even hurt. Plus, it’s not aesthetically pleasant.

It occurs because the back has more oil glands. Breakouts are normal on this area.

With a scrubber, you remove the dead skin cells and the skin can breath because the pores aren’t clogged anymore.

Exfoliating with a back scrubber is part of the process to get rid of bacne.

I can only help you by suggesting an amazing scrubber.