Top 3 Best Epilators for Underarms (Armpits)

When it comes to choosing the best epilator for underarms there are two options:

You either go with an epilator for face

Or you go with a regular epilator, one that works great for removing hairs from the root from the entire body.

I don’t know about you,

But I’ve always used a regular epilator to do my underarms, instead of choosing a facial epilator.

Why is that?

I have rather thick dark hairs, meaning that I prefer fast and powerful devices.

If I let more than two weeks pass between sessions, the hairs become quite visible.

women using an epilator for underarms


After so many years of removing them from the root the hairs have become thinner and fewer.

If I epilate once every two weeks everything is absolutely perfect.

And with a full-sized epilator, removing hairs from my underarms is so fast and great!

The results last for two weeks and it only takes under 5 minutes to remove them.

That’s why I always recommend epilators

  • they are affordable
  • offer smooth skin for an acceptable period of time
  • and there is no dark shadow like you get with shaving

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Underarms

If you don’t have that many hairs that need to be removed from the root and they are thin, then you can definitely use a facial epilator to remove hair from the underarms.

In this case,

I would recommend Emjoi e18.

It’s quite powerful, being powered by two AA batteries and it has 18 tweezers, spinning in order to grab those hairs and remove them from the root.

If you are like me and you have rather coarse hair that requires more power to be removed from the root, without being broken at the surface of the skin, then you are better with a full-sized epilator.

When choosing the best epilator for underarms there is one question that inevitably appears: is it going to hurt?

This is also one of the reasons why women would rather go for a gentler hair removal device, like a facial epilator.

I have to be blunt and say that it’s definitely going to hurt.

The underarms are a sensitive area of the body, just like the bikini line is.


You get used to the pain after the number of epilation sessions starts pilling up.

The first experiences are the tricky ones.

You just have to get through those.

In the beginning, it’s best to epilate frequently. It hurts less when there are fewer shorter hairs.

In my case,

If I let more than two weeks pass then I know that the pinches will be more painful.

The more time passes and the hairs grow longer, the more pain you are going to feel.

For those of you who are used to waxing, using an epilator would be less painful.

I used to shave before becoming an epilator girl so for me the pain was quite bad but I pulled through and I’m so glad I did!

I love looking at my underarms in the mirror.

No dark shadow, no black roots showing beneath the skin, as it was when I used to shave.

Top 3 Epilators for Underarms (Armpits)


There are quite a bunch a models to choose from.

I’ve selected just 3 models to get you started.

It’s easier when there are fewer choices, less confusing. If you have any questions, just leave a comment, I’ll gladly answer.

The models cover all budgets.

The beauty of choosing a best epilator for underarms is that you don’t need a big budget to get an awesome device.

1. Philips Satinelle HP6401

Click On Photo to Learn More

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is one of the most affordable choices as one of the best epilators for underarms!

The HP6401 is a cheap classic epilator.

It can be used to remove hairs from all over the body, except from the face.

It’s very good at removing hairs from the root without breaking them at the surface of the skin.

It comes with an efficiency cap and that’s about it.

There are no other special caps included in the package but that’s expected for such a low priced device.

Philips Satinelle HP6401 has 21 tweezers so it’s not the fastest epilator.

It’s corded but the long cord offers plenty freedom of movement.

The head is removable and washable.

All in all,

Philips HP6401 is a great choice if you are one a tight budget.

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

2. Emjoi Emagine AP-18

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The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine is one of the most powerful epilators on the market.

It has 72 tweezers that make wonders, they are fast and efficient.

You won’t need a lot of passes when using the Emagine AP-18.

It’s quite expensive if you only plan on using it as an epilator for underarms and the same thing can be said about Braun Silk Epil 7681.

The middle lifting fingers and the Glide Technology are great features because they enable the AP-18 to remove hairs as tiny as 0.5mm.

Flat hairs may also be easily removed, as well.

It has no caps, not even an efficiency cap.

To sum it up,

Emjoi AP-18 is simply amazingly powerful and it should remove hairs from all over your body quite fast and efficient.

It’s entirely worthy of its medium price.

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

3. Braun Silk Epil 7681

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And here is the last choice as one of the best epilators for underarms.

The most expensive choice.

It’s not entirely worth it if you only plan on using it for removing hairs from the underarms but it’s totally worth it if you plan on using it to remove hairs from all over your body.

It has 40 tweezers that are close grip, meaning that the Silk-Epil 7681 effortlessly removes hairs as short as 0.5mm.

It’s also really powerful and fast.

If that it’s not fascinating, then let me tell you about the caps.

There are 3 caps that absolutely make the Braun Silk Epil 7681 the ideal epilator:

  • an efficiency cap,
  • a sensitive area cap for the underarms and the bikini area,
  • and a facial cap.

Additional accessories include a shaver and a trimmer head plus a massaging head that creates a nice sensation.

That’s why I consider this model to be one of the best epilators overall, besides being one of the best epilators for underarms.

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here


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