Epilator Vs Shaving: Why I Prefer Epilation to Shaving

Let me share with you some of the experiences that I had in my shaving days.

After that I’m going to tell you how and why I ended up using an epilator.

That was about 8 years ago.

I’m still epilating once every 2 weeks on average.

Shaving was my first method for removing unwanted hairs.

epilation over shaving

Disposable razors were my first devices used for getting rid of any hair that had no place being there.

I was satisfied for a great deal of time because there was absolutely no pain.


With the exception of the times when I cut myself because the shaver was brand new and really sharp.


I have no scars from those tiny cuts.

Here’s the deal:

Shaving: The absence of pain was what drew me to razors

I already knew from my mother that waxing and epilators cause quite the pain so there was no way I was going to go with either of those hair removal methods.

I was quite young so during the cold seasons I only shaved when I couldn’t possibly bear the hairs that were darkening my skin.

Remembering all that, I can’t believe how lazy I was!


I hated that in the summer I had smooth legs for only 2 days and then the hair was showing and in a couple more days I had to shave again.

Shaving is not a time-consuming activity if you time each session separately.

But if you add how many times you’ve shaved during a summer month then the reality is different.

Epilation: With an epilator everything is convenient

As long as you get used to the pain.

During the summer, I epilate once every two weeks.

If I’m lazy, in the winter I can let a month pass without setting eyes on my epilator.

It turns out that epilation is not that time-consuming.

If you don’t have a high pain threshold, you can epilate once a week.

I’ve used an epilator for a lot of years and nowadays my hairs have become fewer and thinner.

Shaving was amazing because my legs were spectacularly smooth for that first day.

I was fascinated by their smoothness.

On the other hand,

When it came to my underarms, I could always see the black roots under the skin. I had a shadow.

I have black hair and light skin so for me it was a problem.

I could see tiny black points on my skin. It was completely unpleasant.

Epilation offers smooth skin but not that unbelievably smooth.

The two methods might be just a little different in smoothness but with epilation I no longer see the roots and that’s wonderful.

Leaving aside all those advantages of shaving, there was one in particular that I miss dearly.

It might sound unreal but I had no ingrown hairs back then, when using disposable razors.

It’s weird because shaving is well known for causing ingrown hairs but I had none.

It was great.

Epilators cause ingrown hairs and now I have them, too.

With all those perks I was getting tired of the shadow on my armpits and of the hairs that were growing back really fast.

It was becoming annoying.

But I didn’t start using an epilator the moment I decided that I was no longer going to shave.

The moment I became completely unsatisfied with shaving because of its short timespan results, I turned to waxing.

Waxing was painful and tedious because I had to let the hairs grow, to have the proper length for the wax to be able to remove them from the root.

While I knew that I could handle the pain, I also was aware that I couldn’t handle the price.


I love using an epilator because it lasts.


The hairs grow thinner and less dense.

As time passes, the sessions become shorter, faster, less painful, and the results last longer.

I have nothing against shaving, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve shaved for many countless years so I am aware of its advantages, as well as I know all about its disadvantages.

In the end,

I am an epilator girl and I very much like it.

What about you? What’s your current hair removal method? Do you love it?


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