Be Comfortable During Each Epilation Session: the How-Tos

The idea of this post came to me one day when I remembered that it took a while until I felt completely comfortable while using my epilator. Last week, as I was just preparing to epilate, I asked myself if all women are as comfortable during epilation as I am.

And that’s what this post is all about: feeling good when epilating.

Removing unwanted hairs from the root and having smooth silky skin for about 2 weeks it’s great but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer while doing it.

Well, with the exception of that pain that appears when hairs are removed from the root. Fortunately, I got used to the pain in time. Now, all that I feel are some pinches.

So, as I took out my epilator from the bag I asked myself as I always do before each epilation: where should I epilate? And I’m not referring to any part of the body. That I already know much too well.

I was talking about the exact location in my house where I should lay down my blanket and start epilating.

That was kind of a problem for me in the beginning.

How I Ended Up Finding the Perfect Spot

preparing for epilation


The first thought that came to me right before using an epilator for the very first time was how can I avoid making a mess.

It sounds odd but that was my major concern. I was worried about the pain but I was also worried about keeping it nice and clean.

A lot and I really mean a lot of hairs are removed from the root by an epilator. It still surprises me how much hair my body can have. That’s why it’s not a good idea to epilate directly on the floor. You have to clean it afterwards, making sure that every tiny hair has been vacuumed.

Keeping It Clean

clean tweezers regularly

I thought a towel would be a good solution. And it was. But I guess I didn’t pick a big enough towel so I ended up replacing it with a blanket.

I guess I can call it the epilation blanket because I only use it for that. I wash it after each session to get all those hairs washed away and have it nice and clean for the next time.

I also tried epilating in the tub. However, since there was no hot water running, the empty tub was ice-cold. I figured that after my body is silky smooth I can just clean the hairs with the shower, watching them go down the drain. My imagination was interrupted by reality.

It’s All About Comfort

From my personal experience, I know that epilating while sitting on a hard floor is not at all comfortable.

That’s why I lay down my epilation blanket on the bed and it’s perfect. That’s the perfect place where my epilation sessions take place.

And that’s how I found my favorite epilation place.

So, I’ve written posts on the best epilators, I’ve tried and hopefully succeeded in writing helpful epilator reviews, I’ve even offered some epilation tips from my personal experience but now it’s time to get back to the basics.

And that’s why I should offer you another advice.

For me, the whole thing wouldn’t be complete if I wouldn’t be watching my favorite TV shows. I’ve been doing that since the very beginning.

It distracts me from the pain because I’m more focused on what happens in the show. Plus, the time it takes to have silky skin, suddenly is no longer a problem. For me, it’s really perfect and a tradition.

What About You?

What’s your favorite place in the house where you prefer to get rid of all the unwanted hairs? Or is it outdoors?

I wouldn’t mind going outside in the fresh air during a warm day, given that no one was around and there were no neighbors. Well, that’s not going to happen too soon. Indoors it is then, at least for me.

On the bed, with my epilation blanket, and definitely with a TV or my laptop near me, my headphones, and as a companion one of the many TV shows that I absolutely love.

That’s all I need for enjoying each date with my epilator!

It’s important to be comfortable, to feel nice and relaxed when using your epilator so that you can end up loving it just as much as I do!


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