Are Epilators Getting More and More Popular? Let’s Look at the Facts

epilator popularityWhen I started this blog about epilation I didn’t have a clear idea on how many women have heard about epilators.

I soon found out that many didn’t even know that such devices existed.

I’m always glad when I read a comment that lets me know that my blog is responsible for that person finding out about these hair removal devices and even planning on getting one.

I like to think that I hold a really really small part in the fact that epilators are becoming more and more popular. I think I have a pretty big ego 🙂

The Google Trends Facts

If you haven’t heard of Google Trends, it’s simply a web page that shows how the popularity of a concept, product, idea etc. has evolved in time.

It also displays the trending subjects for the day, for the past year, and a whole lot of other things.

They measure it with the help of an index,  the maximum value being 100.

It’s a really nice tool. Based on how many people have searched the word “epilator” or have typed a phrase containing the word, we’re going to see if epilators are getting more popular or not.

As you can see on this graph from Google Trends, there’s an ascending trend.

The spikes are reached almost always in the summer times June-July, that’s valid for every year. Comparing only the June months for every year since 2004, you can easily see that the peak in popularity has been reached in June 2012. I’m really excited for the next year to see if the trend persists throughout 2016 as well.

Braun still continues to be the preferred brand. It’s easily understandable why. Braun overpowers all the other manufacturers with its many models as compared to what Emjoi, Philips, Epilady or Panasonic count in number of devices.

Braun has a strong presence on the market, releasing a more advanced line of epilators once every few years, they’re good at advertising, and their products quality is well known.

The European continent, with Singapore as an exception, continues to be the region with the highest interest.

Why I Think that Epilators Deserve to Be Popular

If you’ve visited my blog before you might already know why I like epilators:

  • they’re easy to use in the comfort of your own home whenever you feel like it
  • they’re cheap
  • the devices last a long while, the majority exceed the life granted by the 2-year warranty
  • they remove hairs from the root
  • in the case of some epilators you just need one device to remove hairs from the entire body, including facial hair removal, thanks to the caps that come with them
  • they’re for everyone – men and women
  • and for every budget – you can get an epilator for as cheap as $30-$40, the most expensive ones not exceeding $150
  • some models have so many accessories: caps (facial, efficiency cap, and for the sensitive area meaning for the underarms and the bikini area),
  • they’re not messy, just choose a towel or blanket that you’re going to use only for epilation and you can lay it wherever you want in the house, I prefer on the bed, I like things to be comfortable

Compared with all these advantages, there are so few cons:

  • epilation is painful because hairs are removed from the root (just like waxing)
  • only about 95% of hairs are removed, the really tiny and fine ones are not all grabbed by the tweezers
  • it’s not as fast as shaving or hair removal creams

From my point of view, these are the only cons.

My affinity for epilators is more than clear and I’m glad that epilation is indeed becoming more and more popular.

Even so, I still think that each person should choose and stick to the hair removal method that makes them feel comfortable and happy.

If you don’t tolerate pain at all stick to shaving or depilatory creams. If you want longer results choose epilation or waxing. If you have the money go for laser or electrolysis.

What about you? Have you ever heard about epilators before? Would you consider buying one?


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