Are Epilators for You?

Since making this blog, it’s been my surprise to discover that there still are a lot of women who don’t know what an epilator is. From my point of view that’s a shame.

If a friend hadn’t said to me that I should consider using an epilator for removing hair from the root maybe today I would still be shaving. Or maybe spending plenty of money on beauty salon waxing. I don’t have anything against those methods but I love epilation and you should be satisfied with your choice, too.

So let’s get started and see what’s the deal with epilators. Should you try one or shouldn’t you?

Why You Should Choose an Epilator

Do you want a hair removal method that has lasting results? Do you want smooth skin that lasts for at least two weeks? Do you want to pay for an epilator just once a price as low as $30 or as high as $100+, whatever your budget might allow you to?

epilationFor me, these are the essential characteristics of an epilator:

it has tweezers that remove the hair from the root, as opposed to disposable razors that only cut the hair at the surface of the skin,

it’s an affordable hair removal method, as opposed to beauty salon waxing.

If you choose waxing, I suggest getting a good at-home kit, it’s so much cheaper.I tried body wax strips but I didn’t have the patience to go through with it.

On the other hand, I get along very well with facial wax strips. I use them on my upper lip and I’ve got so used to them that I haven’t tried using my epilator to remove facial hair.

Are you tired of shaving, of having smooth skin for only a few days? Are you ready to try a method that offers you longer lasting results? Then you can consider getting an epilator.

Summer months are the periods when I fully appreciate epilation. My vacation, wherever I might be going, always lasts 10 days, which means that I put my epilator to work the evening before leaving and I know that I can go to the beach without any worry for the whole 10 days.

Unfortunately, my epilator doesn’t get to travel because I can’t afford a vacation that lasts longer.

During my shaving years, my vacations were not worry-free because I always had to shave, you know how it is. But the problem wasn’t jumping in the shower and getting gel on my skin and shaving.

It was the fact that I couldn’t shave once every two days because I would irritate my skin and there’s no way I would put on my swimsuit then. And I do love swimming more than any other sport. The fact that I would irritate my skin was my biggest problem and fear.

Epilation is convenient because you do it in the evening, the skin gets red especially if the hairs are quite lengthy but in the morning you are ready to hit the beach. So even if you are lucky enough to have one month vacations, you still have nothing to worry about.


Does that mean that I believe that epilators are the way to go for every woman? Of course not, there is the pain, the ingrown hairs, and the patience required in the beginning.

There are many women who can’t go through that first try and that happens mostly to those women who haven’t waxed before using an epilator.

If you’ve only shaved before, the first encounter with an epilator can take a while. I’ve been there so I know. I think it took me roughly 2 hours for getting both my legs done.

Well, it’s true that it was a long time ago and I had an epilator that had fewer tweezers than epilators nowadays but I put a lot of patience into that first session. And maybe I was moving slowly because of the pain.

I was thrilled with the result and when I understood that I can stand the pain and I can make the time, that’s when I said that epilators are for me.

Basically, these are the most important things that any woman needs to know before deciding to give up on shaving and waxing in favor of an epilator.

I didn’t know all these things before buying my very first epilator, I just knew that I was completely done with shaving and that waxing wasn’t for me, either. For me, that was enough but I would totally try laser hair removal or electrolysis if I had the money.


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