It’s not always easy being a woman, with all the makeup and the nice clothing and the accessories and on top of that the hair removing thing.

So, if you like looking good, being fashionable, and having smooth skin without any traces of hair on it, this list of awesome blogs will guide your senses and lifestyle decisions in the right direction. Enjoy 🙂

Epilator Central

EpilatorCentral is all about epilators and I love it. If you want to buy your first epilator, the in-depth reviews from EpilatorCentral will guide you towards making the absolute right buy. You can be sure that their amazing posts will teach you everything you need to know about epilation and will answer any questions you might have about epilators. It’s a great inspiration for me as an epilator girl, so you should definitely check it out. Reading about hair removal might not be fun but EpilatorCentral manages to make it a thing to be enjoyed.

Epilator Reviews

This is a blog that has one clear goal: to offer its readers the best in-depth epilator reviews. If you don’t know what to choose, visit this blog, read a little and in no time you will discover that the choice has become much easier and you know exactly which epilator would be the perfect one for you.

Cosmo Chics

CosmoChics is a fascinating blog. It’s full of beauty guides that can be applied by using ingredients that exist in any house (DIYs), fashion and lifestyle articles, décor tips, and even food recipes. It’s also a blog founded by Garima and Shivi, who both love everything that makes women beautiful and offer some wonderful reviews on the best products. These two women take us into their world by sharing with us their exotic travels. Isn’t this blog absolutely spectacular? Don’t hesitate to check it out.

Top 5 Best

This is not only a great reviews website but it’s also incredibly funny. I didn’t think I would laugh while reading about epilators. It’s just amazing and the reviews are great and the tips on how to use your epilator are full of great info. Top5Best features the 5 best epilators and much more, like the great zombie games and top 5 basketball shoes so it’s a mix of a little bit of everything with a sparkle of humor.

Help for Hair Removal

Well, if you have any unanswered question about any hair removal method, is the place to go. It has an awesome collection of articles on hair removal creams, epilation, what are wet & dry epilators, which epilator is best, how to choose an epilator, many articles on laser hair removal, electrolysis, hair removal methods for getting rid of facial hair, genital area hair removal options, hair removal options for diabetics, and so many more. Check it out if you still have any unanswered questions, it’s the best blog to go to.

Total Beauty

TotalBeauty is huge, it has tons of articles and not only on hair removal but you will also find all sorts of beauty tips, reviews on makeup, skincare, hair products, and so on, you get the picture. It’s an impressive website but most importantly an incredibly helpful one. Like this article on the 12 best hair removal products. It features great products representing shaving, epilation, waxing, trimming, and laser hair removal. I’m sure that once you visit TotalBeauty, you will end up spending many enjoyable hours reading about women’s lifestyle in general.

15 Minute Beauty

15 Minute Beauty is the type of blog you can’t get enough of. It’s written by a female doctor and that’s probably why I read one of the most comprehensive articles on acne. There are overwhelmingly good posts on beauty everywhere you click. What interested me was this one on laser hair removal. It’s a detailed review alongside complete information about laser hair removal so it’s one of those must-read posts.