Off Topic: What I Learned from my Trip to Malta

Malta is an amazing country for those who love swimming in blue waters and for those who want to sunbathe on beautiful sand beaches.

It’s a beautiful tiny island and in a vacation of 11 days, like the one that I took, you’re going to see a very big part of it and you’re going to swim in pretty wild sceneries.

I love swimming and up to now I’ve chosen my vacation destinations based on how amazing the sea is and the beaches. And Malta lived up to my expectations and more.

The people are very welcoming, their narrow streets are sometimes fascinating, the exception being made when you’re traveling by bus on such a tiny street, their preservation of monuments and their majestic churches left me in awe, the food is good, the coffee great in some places, and the prices are really affordable.

malta trip

However, what beats all of that is the feeling that you don’t have any care in the world, your only care is to have fun.

Nevertheless, before enjoying all of that, I had to prepare for this trip because I was going to be 12 days away from home and I don’t take my epilator with me or my cold facial wax strips or my tweezer.

Since there wasn’t much time left, I had to do everything in one day.

I had to tweeze my eyebrows, wax my upper lip and remove basically most of the hair from the neck down. That was a very long day that I thought it would never end. The thought that I was going on vacation made me pull through with relative patience.

Obviously, by the end of my trip my hair was starting to show everywhere. My eyebrows had some hairs because there are always tiny hairs that I cannot see or grab, my upper lip was getting some hairs too, my underarms as well and the legs and my bikini line followed the trend.

For the last few days I kept asking my boyfriend if the hair on my legs and bikini like is showing. His response was pretty much: “What hair? You don’t have any hairs!”

Obviously, after almost two weeks (especially if you’re realizing that you have missed some hairs on your legs, a few too many, like I did) you’re going to have many hairs on the legs but forget about them. From a distance they’re not noticeable.

Trust me, you’re not the only one and no one, absolutely no one, is checking your legs to see if they are properly epilated.

The most important lesson is: don’t get stressed about it.

This is What I Learned…

As I told you, I love swimming. I don’t sit on the beach to get a tan, only to rest and go back into the water. With that occasion, I discovered a pretty great thing. While I was resting on the beach, I started looking at my legs to see how many ingrown hairs I have, considering that I’ve left my exfoliation gloves at home.

I only had a few black dots. I couldn’t resist and I started to scratch them with my fingernail. The surprise was that my skin was so moistened from the swimming that those black dots were coming out immediately.

It doesn’t last for long, the skin becomes dry again but if I would have had an exfoliation glove on the beach, I would have gotten rid of all the dead skin cells. Still, it was a pretty great discovery for me.

If you take a long bath, now you know. Grab your scrub or your glove and exfoliate a little. It’s going to feel so good.
Well, I’m done rambling. I already terribly miss being on vacation.

In the end, what you have to understand from this post is that epilators are not perfect, waxing or tweezing aren’t either but they’re still great.

You can go away for 2 weeks without a worry as long as you don’t become obsessed of those tiny hairs that are appearing. Leave them alone, no one can see them but you from up-close.

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