Do you epilate for you or for him? Or is it social pressure?

I saw this question somewhere around the web, I don’t remember where otherwise I would tell you.

It stuck with me, this very question: why do we remove unwanted hair through various methods, be it shaving, waxing, or an epilator? Which are our reasons when we get ready for yet another hair removal session, painful or not?

And that’s how this post came to life. Because I want to offer my answer here, on my personal blog about hair removal.

And because I want to know why you do it, too. Which are your reasons that make you want to get rid of your unwanted hair?

why I epilate

So, why do I epilate?

We live in a world were body hair is regarded as a curse, as something that should never be shown in public. And I’m one of those persons who thinks exactly like that.

I am a woman that grew up in a world were she saw her girlfriends shave their legs or wax them and she did the exact same thing.

Well, back then, in the beginning I used to shave all the unwanted hair only in the summer. Nowadays, I use my epilator on a regular basis, no matter if it’s winter, spring, autumn, or summer.

Back then, I used to do it for the crowds. Because I was a young adolescent girl whose friends were hairless. Nowadays, I do it for me and partly for my boyfriend.

I remove a big part of my body hair because I love it. I love how silky smooth the skin feels, I love the way my body looks without any hairs on it.

Should you take it that seriously?

As much as I love it, I don’t take the whole hair removal thing to extremes.

Women are women, beautiful smart sexy intelligent women, whether they remove unwanted hair or not. It’s that simple.

How about facial hair?

I’m not bothered at all by facial peach fuzz, the tiny hairs that can be seen under a certain light on a woman’s face, on my face.

I’m not at all bothered by my sideburns, although, I’ve met girls who were obsessed with not having sideburns. I have and I actually like them.

I’m not bothered by the peach fuzz that’s on my upper spine. Or on my lower back. And I also have no problem with the tiny tiny hairs that lay around my belly.

I’m not obsessed with hair removal. I let tiny hairs be, for the moment.

However, I must admit, that I wouldn’t have the courage of letting any unwanted hair grow and show it in public.

I couldn’t let the hair on my legs grow or my pubic hair or my upper lip hair. You get the picture.

All in all…

I epilate for me, for my boyfriend, and because of social pressure. It’s a mix, a little bit of everything.

I love my epilator, I feel extremely comfortable when I use it and that’s why I’m an epilator girl. One that could never let more than a month pass between epilation sessions.

What about you?

What made you first epilate or shave or wax?


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